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The City of Arkansas City strives to provide a high quality of life for its citizens by furnishing a variety of efficient services in a professional, courteous manner.

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Department Name First Name Last Name Profession Email Phone
City Commission Kanyon Gingher Commissioner kgingher@arkansascityks.gov 620-441-1346
City Commission Duane Oestmann Commissioner doestmann@arkansascityks.gov 620-442-0716
City Commission Scott Rogers Mayor srogers@arkansascityks.gov 620-506-7173
City Commission Jay Warren Commissioner jwarren@arkansascityks.gov 785-230-5685
City Commission Karen Welch Commissioner kwelch@arkansascityks.gov 620-441-7374
Finance Division Courtney Warren Customer Service Specialist cwarren@arkansascityks.gov 620-441-4401
Finance Division Jennifer Waggoner Finance Director/Treasurer jwaggoner@arkansascityks.gov 620-441-4404
Human Resources Division Marla McFarland Human Resources Director mmcfarland@arkansascityks.gov 620-441-4405
Human Resources Division Katie McCubbin Human Resources Assistant kmccubbin@arkansascityks.gov 620-441-4406
City Manager Department Amanda Evinger Deputy City Clerk aevinger@arkansascityks.gov 620-441-4408
City Manager Department Lesley Shook City Clerk lshook@arkansascityks.gov 620-441-4409
Finance Division Amy Roberts Accountant aroberts@arkansascityks.gov 620-441-4411
City Manager Department Mike Crandall Management Assistant mcrandall@arkansascityks.gov 620-441-4413
City Manager Department Randy Frazer City Manager rfrazer@arkansascityks.gov 620-441-4414
City Manager Department Andrew Lawson Public Information Officer/Special Projects Coordinator alawson@arkansascityks.gov 620-441-4415
Public Services Department Cindy Bennett Director of Hogan/Northwest Community Center nwcc@arkansascityks.gov 620-441-4416
City Manager Department Robert Frazee Emergency Management Coordinator bfrazee@arkansascityks.gov 620-441-4454
Public Services Department Kristin Sparks Director of Senior Services ksparks@arkansascityks.gov 620-441-4419
Neighborhood Services Division Terice Watts Administrative Assistant twatts@arkansascityks.gov 620-441-4420
Neighborhood Services Division Michael Bellis Building Official mbellis@arkansascityks.gov 620-441-4422
City Manager Department Matthew Metzinger Information Technology Manager mmetzinger@arkansascityks.gov 620-441-4424
Neighborhood Services Division Evan Haney Combination Inspector ehaney@arkansascityks.gov 620-441-4425
City Manager Department Joshua White Principal Planner jwhite@arkansascityks.gov 620-441-4427
Police Department Eric Burr Police Captain eburr@arkansascityks.gov 620-441-4444
Police Department Jim Holloway Police Captain jholloway@arkansascityks.gov 620-441-4444
Fire-EMS Department Kacie Gosselin Administrative Assistant kgosselin@arkansascityks.gov 620-441-4430
Fire-EMS Department Jonathon Clawson Interim Fire-EMS Captain jclawson@arkansascityks.gov 620-441-4430
Fire-EMS Department Chet Ranzau Fire-EMS Captain cranzau@arkansascityks.gov 620-441-4430
Fire-EMS Department Jeffrey Sampson Fire-EMS Captain jsampson@arkansascityks.gov 620-441-4430
Fire-EMS Department Cody Ball Fire-EMS Lieutenant cball@arkansascityks.gov 620-441-4430
Fire-EMS Department Justin Parks Fire-EMS Lieutenant jparks@arkansascityks.gov 620-441-4430
Fire-EMS Department Daniel Dedrick Paramedic ddedrick@arkansascityks.gov 620-441-4430
Fire-EMS Department Hannah Hotmar Paramedic hhotmar@arkansascityks.gov 620-441-4430
Fire-EMS Department Brian Leuci Paramedic bleuci@arkansascityks.gov 620-441-4430
Fire-EMS Department Jeri Smith EMS Director jsmith@arkansascityks.gov 620-441-4439
Fire-EMS Department Josh Bowker Firefighter/Paramedic jbowker@arkansascityks.gov 620-441-4430
Fire-EMS Department Paul Hunter Firefighter/Paramedic phunter@arkansascityks.gov 620-441-4430
Fire-EMS Department Jackson Perez Firefighter/Paramedic jperez@arkansascityks.gov 620-441-4430
Fire-EMS Department Brandy Rice Firefighter/Paramedic brice@arkansascityks.gov 620-441-4430
Fire-EMS Department Christopher Timmons Firefighter/Paramedic ctimmons@arkansascityks.gov 620-441-4430
Fire-EMS Department Cameron Vickery Firefighter/Paramedic cvickery@arkansascityks.gov 620-441-4430
Police Department Jeni McGee Administrative Assistant jmcgee@arkansascityks.gov 620-441-6601
Police Department Shanelle Parks Records Specialist sparks@arkansascityks.gov 620-441-6600
Police Department John Wollard Records Clerk jwollard@arkansascityks.gov 620-441-6602
Police Department Daniel Ward Police Chief dward@arkansascityks.gov 620-441-4447
Police Department Eric Gross Public Service Officer egross@arkansascityks.gov 620-441-4444
Fire-EMS Department Les Parks Interim Fire Chief lparks@arkansascityks.gov 620-441-4450
Fire-EMS Department Logon French Firefighter/Emergency Medical Technician lfrench@arkansascityks.gov 620-441-4430
Fire-EMS Department Daniel Goubeaux Firefighter/Emergency Medical Technician dgoubeaux@arkansascityks.gov 620-441-4430
Fire-EMS Department William Hankins Firefighter/Emergency Medical Technician whankins@arkansascityks.gov 620-441-4430
Fire-EMS Department Isaac Hobbs Firefighter/Emergency Medical Technician ihobbs@arkansascityks.gov 610-441-4430
Fire-EMS Department Brayden Krepps Firefighter/Emergency Medical Technician bkrepps@arkansascityks.gov 620-441-4430
Fire-EMS Department David Kruse Firefighter/Emergency Medical Technician dkruse@arkansascityks.gov 620-441-4430
Fire-EMS Department Tanner McClure Firefighter/Emergency Medical Technician tmcclure@arkansascityks.gov 620-441-4430
Fire-EMS Department Adam Zweifel Firefighter/Emergency Medical Technician azweifel@arkansascityks.gov 620-441-4430
Police Department Luke Larson Police Lieutenant llarson@arkansascityks.gov 620-441-4444
Police Department Jason Legleiter Police Lieutenant jlegleiter@arkansascityks.gov 620-441-4444
Police Department Anthony Rider Police Lieutenant arider@arkansascityks.gov 620-441-4444
Police Department Kevyn Ternes Police Lieutenant kternes@arkansascityks.gov 620-441-4444
Police Department Nelson Douglas Police Sergeant ndouglas@arkansascityks.gov 620-441-4444
Police Department Wade Hammond Police Sergeant whammond@arkansascityks.gov 620-441-4414
Police Department Jon Merz Police Sergeant jmerz@arkansascityks.gov 620-441-4444
Police Department Travis Stroud Police Sergeant tstroud@arkansascityks.gov 620-441-4444
Public Services Department Tony Tapia Public Services Superintendent ttapia@arkansascityks.gov 620-441-4473
Police Department Corey Combs Master Police Officer ccombs@arkansascityks.gov 620-441-4444
Police Department Chase Hobart Master Police Officer chobart@arkansascityks.gov 620-441-4444
Police Department Kelsey Horinek Master Police Officer khorinek@arkansascityks.gov 620-441-4444
Police Department Matt Mayo Master Police Officer mmayo@arkansascityks.gov 620-441-4444
Police Department Jeremy Samson Master Police Officer jsamson@arkansascityks.gov 620-441-4444
Police Department Ted Shinneman Master Police Officer tshinneman@arkansascityks.gov 620-441-4444
Police Department Cori Tuxhorn Master Police Officer ctuxhorn@arkansascityks.gov 620-441-4444
Police Department Ivan Velasquez Master Police Officer ivelasquez@arkansascityks.gov 620-441-4444
Police Department Lisa Delgado Police Officer ldelgado@arkansascityks.gov 620-441-4444
Police Department Esther Law Police Officer elaw@arkansascityks.gov 620-441-4444
Environmental Services Rod Philo Environmental Services Superintendent rphilo@arkansascityks.gov 620-441-4484
Police Department Madeline Pegorsch Police Officer mpegorsch@arkansascityks.gov 620-441-4444
Police Department Madison Pickett Police Officer mpickett@arkansascityks.gov 620-441-4444
Police Department Spencer Warren Police Officer swarren@arkansascityks.gov 620-441-4444
Police Department Michael Yzquierdo Police Officer myzquierdo@arkansascityks.gov 620-441-4444
Parks & Facilities Division Marcus Lynn Sexton
Parks & Facilities Division Wade Magnus Parks & Facilities Maintenance Worker
Parks & Facilities Division Chris Kilts Parks & Facilities Maintenance Worker
Parks & Facilities Division Leo Saenz Parks & Facilities Maintenance Worker
Parks & Facilities Division George Lindly Parks & Facilities Maintenance Worker
Parks & Facilities Division Nick McCully Parks & Facilities Maintenance Worker
Parks & Facilities Division Lisa Bruner Head Cook
Parks & Facilities Division Samantha Ranzau Cook/Driver
Parks & Facilities Division Audrey Mundy Horticulturalist/Custodian