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The City of Arkansas City strives to provide a high quality of life for its citizens by furnishing a variety of efficient services in a professional, courteous manner.

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General Information

Traffic Ticket Information:

Traffic tickets issued for violation of the City of Arkansas City ordinances are handled through Arkansas City Municipal Court.

Speeding and Minor Traffic Infraction

When you receive a ticket for speeding or a minor traffic infraction, a court date is assigned by the officer and placed on the citation.  You may either appear on that date or pay the fine and costs associated with the violation.  To schedule a hearing, you must appear before the Judge at the date and time indicated on your ticket, at City Hall, 118 West Central Avenue.

Pay Tickets

To pay a ticket you may:

  • Call the Arkansas City Utility Billing office at 620-441-4401 to pay with credit/debit card over the phone.
  • Bring the ticket to City Hall and pay at the Utility Billing Counter on the first floor of City Hall, 118 West Central, Arkansas City, Kansas.
  • Mail the payment and ticket to the City of Arkansas City’s Municipal Court, P.O. Box 778, Arkansas City, KS, 67005-0778.  Please note that you are responsible for making sure the payment is received by the court office and posted.
  • Deposit the ticket and payment at the depository located in the alley between Summit and 1st Street just east of City Hall.
Automatic Extensions

If you do not appear in Court on the assigned date for a non-appearance violation, a notice to appear will be issued by the Court, giving defendants an additional 30 days to either pay the fines & costs or appear in Court on a Tuesday at 1:30 PM before the extension date.  Failure to pay or appear will result in a bench warrant for your arrest and your driver’s license may be suspended.

More Serious Traffic Offenses

When you receive a traffic ticket for a serious offense, and the officer has marked the "must appear" box, it is mandatory that you appear in court on the day assigned on your ticket.  Failure to do so will result in a warrant being issued for your arrest and your driver's license may be suspended.  "Must Appear" cases will not be given an extension.

If you plead not guilty, a pre-trial and trial date will be scheduled for you at the time and date of your court appearance.  If you fail to appear for your scheduled pre-trial or trial, the Court will issue a warrant for your arrest.  If a warrant is issued, your driving privileges may be suspended.